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Parents/Guardian have agreed that photos taken during a CSD event are sole property of SBPC.
You have read and agree to all terms specified in the release form (link here).

Have you ever been arrested, charged with, or convicted of a crime, other than traffic infractions? (All arrest and charges whether or not they were dismissed, deemed nolle prosequi, deferred adjudication or found not guilty.)
Have you ever been convicted of any crime relating to children and/or your conduct with them including, but not limited to indecent assault & battery, rape, assault, kidnapping?
Are you now or have you ever been subject to any court order, been adjudged liable for civil penalties or damages or had your parental rights terminated for reasons involving sexual or physical abuse of children? 
Have you ever been accused of, convicted of or been subject to disciplinary action regarding distribution of child pornography images (nude photos or images taken of any person with or without their consent) via any physical or electronic means (including text, email, Snapchat, Vine or any other app)?
Have you ever been convicted of possession, distribution or trafficking of narcotics or controlled substances?
Have you ever been subject to any disciplinary action (including discharge) or investigation by a church or religious organization, other organization, school or employer regarding behavior towards a minor?
If Yes to any one of the above questions, please explain

You have read and understand the Disclosure section above.

You have read and agree to all terms specified in the Child Protection Policy (link here).

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