Sponsor a Family with Groceries

Deliver Groceries Weekly to a Family in Need
Friday, 04/17/2020, 11:15 PM - Thursday, 12/31/2020, 11:45 PM

Many families in our communities, our congregation, other congregations, and in our church zip code of 92075 are experiencing unexpected challenges right now - including paying for groceries.  Please consider being a Sponsor, finding a co-sponsor, or rallying your school or small group to help provide weekly groceries to a family in need.

Please register your participation by clicking on the green "Register" button on this project site and Colleen Ster will match you with a family in need.  Email Colleen Ster at cster@reflectionspublishing.com if you are interested in sponsoring a family and indicate if you would like to sponsor a family for $50, $75, or $100 per week and she will match you to the appropriately-sized family to match your generous donation.

Two Ways to Participate:

Option #1: Sponsor a Family for the next 4 weeks by donating your chosen amount of either $25, $50, $75, or $100 on the SBPC website. Send Colleen Ster an email at cster@reflectionspublishing.com to confirm either a one-time donation or if you want to be a Sponsor for the next 4 weeks.
1. Just click this link to launch you to the "Designated Giving" page on the SBPC website:

2. Next, scroll down and select:

Mission/Outreach-Community Serve 365

Gift cards to Sprouts-Solana Beach will be purchased and personally distributed into the hands of those in immediate need of food.

CS 365 Encouragement Cards:
If you want to write and mail or email notes of encouragement, please send to Colleen Ster who will attached your inspirational notes to the gift cards that are distributed.  For your convenience, here is a 4-up design of CS 365 Encouragement Notecards that you can use to print out at home and write your inspirational notes.
You can email her at: cster@reflectionspublishing.com - or -
Mail to: Colleen Ster 5395 Foxhound Way San Diego, CA 92130

Option #2: Purchase a Grocery Gift Card for Casa de Amistad, Hispanic Ministries, and/or NCICC to distribute during an emergency time of need for food. You can mail to:

Casa de Amistad - Atth: Nicole  Mione-Green
120 Stevens Ave
Solana Beach, CA 92075
NCICC - Attn: Sonya Williams
120 Stevens Ave
Solana Beach, CA 92075

When you sign up to register your participation with this project, hit the green "Register" button and then select the number of people in your family participating in this project with you. Colleen Ster will be in touch with you to confirm how much you want to donate and for how long. Average donation is $75 weekly donation for 4 weeks.

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